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Hitting Leagues

Baseball and Softball Hitting League Teams interested contact hitzbaseballny@gmail.com

Baseball Conditioning Club
Core Velocity Belt Program

Legend-Kiwanis Annual Membership

Legend- Cal Ripken Annual Membership

Legend-Babe Ruth Annual Membership

All Memberships are subject to hours of operation and availability ( which can vary) and also 24 hour reservations. Simply meaning if there is space reserved prior then those appointments have first availability. For machines or cage usage if applicable, the player must be accompanied by an adult and a waiver must be filled out either from the website “book cages” or at hitz. Simply meaning if a machine being used will need a feeder, etc. There is not a guaranteed person to assist, and arrangements will be made whenever possible and necessary. Any appointment not reserved 24 hours in advance or in violation of any rule or policy as stated by Hitz batting cages LLC is subject to rejection and or dismissal of memberships without refund.

Babe Ruth-
13-16 year old.

Hittrax Usage- 12 – 1hr sessions per year no rollover ( 1 per month)- ($150 value)
Machine Usage (Iron Mike, Ehack, Ihack)- 3 – 1hr. Sessions per month no rollover ( $1620 value)
Cage usage- 3-1 hr. Sessions per month ( $1260 value)

$3,030 value membership, Cost for enrolled players-

Cal Ripken and Kiwanis

The same except the machine availability will be subject to appointments. First come first serve. The Cal Ripken and Kiwanis level will use the I hack junior, tees, or front toss.

Please email hitzbaseballny@gmail.com with any questions and or to register.

Also note, Hitz is looking to expand it’s area of play! Nearly double the amount of area and or turf is a work in progress. Any teams requesting space for soccer, lacrosse, or other sports may inquire by emailing hitzbaseballny@gmail.com .

As the winter time Nears, there will be limited availability so if there are times that are essential to training or specific to a group, then the sooner it is reserved the more likely you will be able to get your time. Appointments can not be made more than a week in advance and no less than 24 hours. Simply go online to book cages now to view availability and book under “contract booking no fee” after registration.