What is HitTrax?

Using the revolutionary and Hi-Tech HIT TRAX System we will be running indoor Baseball & Softball Leagues throughout the year. Our leagues will track standings, player statistics and even capture video we can share with players. We will play any of the MLB Stadiums and can change them daily. Join your friends and form teams now for the Hitting Leagues starting soon!

Team games:

After building teams with a set number of players (we recommend 3-5 players), the program will walk the two teams through the game by automatically calling balls & strikes (based on an individual player’s height), advancing base runners and turning double plays. Individual and team statistics as well as leaderboards are automatically recorded and can be emailed directly to the players from within the program. Typical 9-inning games can last between 30 to 45 minutes but the facility has the option of limiting the games to 6 innings/30 minutes for a faster turnaround or to insure games within hitting leagues follow scheduled times.

Individual games:

Players wishing to play simulated game(s) can do so by renting the HitTrax cage for either 30 or 60 minutes. The 30-minute cage rental will produce a single game while the players should be able to get in two games within 60 minutes if they establish a 30-minute time limit for each game.

Details about league start-up and costs will be coming along shortly.